The Photography Pilot is part of Europeana Space, Best Practice Network.

The aim of the Europeana Space project is to create new opportunities for employment and economic growth within the creative industries sector based on Europe’s rich digital cultural resources. It will provide an open environment for the development of applications and services based on digital cultural content. The use of this environment will be fostered by a vigorous, wide-ranging and sustainable programme of promotion, dissemination and replication of the Best Practices developed within the project. The extensive resources and networks of the Europeana Space consortium will be drawn on to ensure the success of the project.


Thanks to the digitization work of libraries, museums, and archives in Europe, and to online data sources such as Europeana, a vast number of images of high historical, artistic and cultural heritage value has become available.

We want to demonstrate a range of possibilities offered by apps, Europeana API’s, and a multitude of tools developed by the open source community, to come up with innovative models involving historical and present-day photography, with monetizing potential and investment appeal.

In the hackathon, developers of innovative applications involving cultural photographic heritage will meet, exchange ideas and look for commonality and interoperability. The featured applications will be grouped around 3 ideas:

  • Museum applications providing access to Europeana and similar resources can yield new types of visitor-experiences;
  • Storytelling web applications and apps allowing for users to create new stories by mixing historical images from Europeana and other public sources with user-generated content;
  • Augmented reality applications enabling historical images to be layered with actual experiences and other material, such as maps and social user data.

The best ideas and proposals stemming from the hackathon will be tunneled through a monetization event in London. Developers will be able to showcase their work to selected investors.


Europeana Space has received funding from the European Union’s ICT Policy Support Programme as part of the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme, under GA n° 621037