Hack Your Photo Heritage: Day 3

It has been an exciting, fun and interesting 3-day event and many ideas on the possibility to reuse photographic heritage in an innovative and creative way were discussed and implemented.


The third and last day started off once again with a good cup of coffee, after which the teams got right back to where they left the night before. Taking into careful consideration the feedback they received during the pitch rehearsal, they kept developing and improving their projects throughout the whole day.

At 16:00 we were all ready for the final pitches. Although all slightly nervous, the various teams presented their ideas at best, showing the same motivation and decisiveness they had the day before when they started working on their projects. The jury gathered in a separate room to deliberate and after 45 minutes came back with the final decision: the three winners were… Mixed Art, Storypix and Explore Leuven!


The reception right after, with sparkling wine and Belgian chocolates, decreed the end of the photo Hackathon. But this is just the beginning for the three winning teams: they will have the chance to develop further their projects and strengthen their business models during the Business Modelling Workshop, which will take place in London and will be held by REMIX.

Heartfelt congratulations not only to the winners, but to all of our participants, who took up the challenge with such a great and motivated spirit and worked very hard for it. Very well done to all of you and good luck to our winners!


Clarissa Colangelo, KU Leuven

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