Hack Your Photo Heritage: Day 2

And also the second day of the photo Hackathon has come to an end. After a good cup of coffee, the 7 teams of Hack Your Photo Heritage took possession of the FabLab and divided in the various working areas. It was a day for them to get their ideas rolling and start shaping their projects, tutored and advised by experts of photography, developers and GLAM pro.

At 18:00 the pitch rehearsal unveiled all the work done during the day. Multi-screen technology, GPS located tours, “artified” photographs, photo quest to explore cities, intelligent images, billboard photo exhibitions, VR photo tours, education, GLAM, entertainment… so many interesting topics emerged from this first day of production! And the quality of the pitches left us all very impressed: great teams, great projects and great ability to bring forward their ideas in a limited time frame.

Choosing the three winners is going to be a tough job for the jury. All the participants are very motivated and are working hard for their projects. Far from a competitive and tense atmosphere, the climate is ideal: relaxed, open and fun.

During the day, when not needed, the support team and the organizers had fun taking some instant photographs of the participants, creating 3D models for the Google cardboard, playing around with the machines of the FabLab… To be continued.

Clarissa Colangelo, KU Leuven

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