#3 Hackathon Guest Speaker: Fred Truyen

FT-MProf. dr. Frederik Truyen (°1961) is professor at the Faculty of Arts, Leuven University (KU Leuven) and the coordinator of the E-Space Photography pilot. During the Hackathon, he will be one of the jury members and a guest speaker on the 25th, where he will talk about the photography exhibition “All Our Yesterdays”.

He publishes on E-Learning, ICT Education, Digitisation of Cultural Heritage and Epistemology. He is head of ICT Services at the Faculty of Arts and is in charge of CS Digital, the mediaLab of the Institute for Cultural Studies.

He teaches Information Science at the BA and Online Publishing at the MA level. He is active on ICT at several levels of the University, mostly related to Web technology and E-Learning.

Fred Truyen is a member of the Open Education Consortium, was and is involved in many projects on Open Educational Resources, such as Net-CU, OCW EU and LACE, and on projects in digitization of Cultural Heritage, such as RICH, EuropeanaPhotography, Europeana Space and CIVIC Epistemologies.

Fred Truyen is currently programme director of  the MA in Cultural Studies. He is technical editor of the peer reviewed journal Image & Narrative and president of Photoconsortium, a membership organisation to promote photographic heritage.

Personal blog: http://fredtruyen.com