#2 Hackathon Guest Speaker: Jan Baetens

JB aug 2013bJan Baetens is one of the jury members of Hack Your Photo Heritage. On the opening evening of the event (25th of February), he will give an inspiring talk titled “Learning from Kenneth Goldsmith?”.

Jan Baetens is Professor of Cultural and Literary Studies at KU Leuven. He has been doing research in very different fields, without every specializing in one of them: on the one hand, 20th Century French literature (with a weak spot for both interwar prose writers such as Larbaud, Fargue and Léautaud, and contemporary poetry – which he practices himself, but not during office hours); on the other hand, word and image studies and visual narrative, especially in so-called minor genres such as novelizations (i.e. the transformations of films into novels) and comics and graphic novels (as all Belgian scholars, he wrote a book on Tintin).

In the field of photographic studies, he is very interested by the history of illustration and the somewhat bizarre subfield of the photonovel, Italian as well as French, in all genres and periods.

His working language is most of the times French, although he publishes also in English.

Some recent publications are:

  • “The Graphic Novel” (Cambridge UP, 2014), co-authored with Hugo Frey.
  • Correspondance. The Birth of Belgian Surrealism”, by Jan Baetens and Michael Kasper (New York, Peter Lang, 2015)
  • “Crises de lisibilité”, special issue of LHT, No 16 (2016), guest-editors: Jan Baetens & Eric Trudel. Online: http://www.fabula.org/lht/16/

Wikipedia page (in French): https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jan_Baetens